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Chris Liebing - Polished Chrome (The Friend Pt. 1) Feat. Gary Numan [music video]

I'm a huge Chris Liebing fan and got inspired with his long awaited new album. So here are some visuals I put together in VDMX using shaders, oscillators and audio analysis with qc-based effect. Just playing around.

Pre-order Chris Liebing’s Burn Slow:

Chris Liebing has announced details of his first album release for Mute, Burn Slow, out on 7 September 2018 and shared ‘Polished Chrome (The Friend Pt. 1)’ featuring vocals from Gary Numan

Chris Liebing’s forthcoming DJ schedule is as relentless as ever, with performances scheduled worldwide throughout the summer…

"Long ago
I must have dreamt
A tall, polished chrome figure
From a different reality
Appeared in the room
His friends silently waiting in the corner
We were laughing and talking
Without making any sound
In the end
Three things he told me
There is nothing to be afraid of
Keep doing what you are doing
And never forget
We are all one
Then they left
And never came back"


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