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Show Reel Marcel Marquez @MINImaxVJ. Video Projection Mapping.

I am the Vj, video mapping creative, visual artist. Thank you for accepting my friend request, I hope you spend a great week and you like my work so I invite you to I am they are a director, visual artist that I move myself between the world of Entertainment and creative publicity, Specialized in the video technique mapping technology that you found I eat ( MINImaxVJ ) in Cuba at workshops of art.I talk about the image, its nature, its, power, its, rol, its meaning. Not just the image as a shape, but the image as idea or like the way in wish arrive the knowledge to us, to you. I ask ourserlves about the rol of Art and its social community. The audience that goes to our event never gets damege. I care about his entertainment, we work form them. I dont impose a discourse, i faithfully believe that they seek for them selves what we tell. LOVE, MM

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Projection Mapping Video Art Scenography


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