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He graduated in History of Art from the University of Valladolid and in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He has
also completed numerous courses in Contemporary Art (ICE, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and Latest Artistic
Tendencies (UAB). He has also completed courses and workshops in new technologies including Photoshop, Adobe
Premiere, Flash (Col.legi de Llicenciats de Belles Arts, Barcelona), Pure Data (C. Sant Agustí, Barcelona), Resolume Avenue 3
with Edwin de Koning and Bart van der Ploeg.

Since 2002 he has worked in video, visual installations and live video with producer, musician and DJ José+, and also with
the KTK video-lab collective, creating their presentation at the DAF in Barcelona in 2005. He also collaborates with
musicians of the net-labels Fromm y Spoweck, Compütah, Hermético, Toni González, BellTranz, Tanox, Noi, Waveform ,
for whom he has created many visuals and with the vj Sphunkgrafix has created the collective Reaktive 2.0 dedicated to
video, live cinema and graphic design. He is presently working on the audio and video project "PHOBIA", originally set up
by the musician Nigul. The project reflects the dark world of fear, terror and dreams. He also collaborates as a video critic
on the e-zine minifú.com contributing to a participative blog dedicated to the new music published by net-labels and
makes the visual for Hermético,and Sr. Click creators of netlabel Inoquo.







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