Retinal Rupture Visuals

Retinal Rupture Visuals


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Live VJing, content suppliers, graphic design, 2d / 3d animation. Original content creators for humans events and brands.

JorDanah and David have been working in art and design for over 30 years and ever since they met, 22 years ago, visual art and music has been defining their relationship.


David: 30+ years’ experience in 2D/3D design and production, along with training in photonics and photography, led him to the development of large visual communication campaigns for leading companies.

Danah began as a Miami painter of wall murals and worked in Miami broadcasting and is an international school art teacher, 31years experience, with a bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters of Art Education. Intuitive feel for composition and ingrained with the rules of aesthetics ensure the output looks great!

We will Create Your Visual Identity with 3d animated logos and custom video visuals.

“We started making and live mixing video art for the love of electronic music as source of imagination and a platform for visual expression. We are driven by our love for music, whether a hefty Techno set, Electro, Breakbeats, D&B, House, Hip Hop, Psychedelic, or Grungy rocky post punk,
music can be storytelling and wants us to express that in a visual way.”

Today we have established creative collaborations with a growing number of Organizers, creative recording and radio studios, labels and DJ collectives.

We keep creating new artwork and video content every week, usually released on Amsterdams Most Wanted Radio video streams!



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